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Setting up of Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management
(Proposed Outlay Rs. 750.00 lacs for 11th Five Year Plan 2007-12)
(Rs. 150.00 lacs for Annual Plan 2007-08)

Introductory remarks:-

The Delhi Institute of Heritage Research & Management has been established as an autonomous educational institute with the following aims and objectives :-


To Undertake research projects in archaeology and history, including explorations and excavations, of ancient sites and monuments in which, Delhi is very rich, and the study of documents in state archives.


To encourage and also help technically and financially, the institutions and individual to undertake research projects in different branches of archaeology and different aspects of Indian history.


To impart training in heritage management.


To support financially research and training centres dealing with comprehensive documentation and reference service on archaeological, palaeo-environmental conservation and historical research.


To prepare and maintain a national register of those engaged in research work in theoretical and practical archaeology as well as history and related fields of study such as political thought and philosophy.


To promote publication of archaeological and historical research of high standard and to undertake publication of occasional papers, journals and popular literature concerning such research.


To advise the Govt. of NCT of Delhi on all matters pertaining to heritage management, archaeology and history.


Academic Courses.


Post-Graduate Diploma in Conservation, Prevention, Heritage Management.

Beside the P.G. Diploma in Conservation, Prevention, Heritage Management run by the institute, it also succeeded in getting affiliation from Indraprastha University to conduct following two Master Courses:


i. Master in Archaeology and Heritage Management
ii. Master in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management.


The institute has started several Research Projects which are listed as follows:



Four Major Research Projects. All these research projects are multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted in which a large number of staff members are participating as a team. The major projects are listed below :-


Listing and documentation of ancient sites, monuments, buildings and other structures in the area failing within the new urbanisable limits of Delhi as per the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 in particular, and National Capital Region in general.


Integrated Management Plan for Mehrauli Archeological Area.


Integrated Management Plan for red Fort.


Archeological investigations from Meerut to Khair along with river Hindon, including section scrapping and trial trenching.


Seven Minor Research Projects. These are being undertaken by faculty members, either individually or with participation of one or more colleagues. The seven minor projects are as listed below:


The monuments of the Sultanate period - an analysis of building material.


Scientific study of NBPW and its bearing on cultural environment.


Tourism in Delhi: Assessment and proposal for improvement.


Conservation strategy for gardens of Mughal, Delhi.


Shahjahanabad : A Study.


Updating the Conservation Manual.


Sacred sites of Uttar Pradesh.


The institute is already in touch with many leading Institutes/ Foundations/ Organizations for National and International Collaboration. Some of these are International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) Italy, international Council of Museums (ICOM) united Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), University of York (U.K.). Getty Conservation Lab (U.S.A.), Italian Institute of African and Oriental Studies (IsAO). The Institutions Collaborative programme with the European union Archaeologist on the multi-million Dollars project entitled "Rethinking the Archeological Profession: Strategies for the Preservation of Historical Heritage of India" is in its final stages. The details of which are being worked out. These collaborative exchange programmes will include teaching, training and research for, both, teachers and students.


The Institute has been able to obtain books on donation from Prof. S.P. Verma, of Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. B.B. Lal, formerly Director general of ASI, and Prof. Makhan Lal, Director, DIHRM and Mrs. Sima Yadav, Lecturer, DIHRM and is in touch with several, scholars for the donation of books to the library and hope that the library shall benefit from future donations.


Research Activities Besides the continuing researches on the various research topics reported in last year's annual meeting conducted by the individual teachers, during the year under consideration, following major research activities projects were taken and completed by the institute.



Galib's Haveli (for Govt. of NCT Delhi) - Status Report


Galib's Haveli (for Govt. of NCT Delhi) - Conservation Report


Kalkaji temple (for Govt. of NCT Delhi) - Integrated Development and Report


Lal Qila (for Govt. of NCT Delhi) - Status Report


Report to Hon'ble Lt. Governor of NCT - Status Report on the of Delhi monument in Katwaria Sarai


Report to Hon'ble Lt. Governor of NCT - Status Report Quatab Complex of Delhi


working paper on Tughlakabad fort - Integrated development plan by Delhi Development Authority.


A major research project on the documentation of 'Delhi's Heritage" is being carried out by the Institute.

This project is headed by the Director of the Institute, Prof. Makhan Lal, and Prof. J.V. Singh Agre's services have been utilized as Project Co-ordinator. The entire faculty of the institute is also involved in the Project and two Junior research Fellowships have been employed to assist in the research for this project. A Proposed outlay of Rs. 750.00 lacs has been approved for 11th Five Year Plan and Rs. 150.00 lacs for Annual Plan 2007-08.


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